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Welcome to Daffohils Laboratories-

Top Pharma Company in Dehradun (Uttarakhand)

Daffohils Laboratories Pvt Ltd is now poised to take a leap in to many other segments. Our global mission is to innovate for success. Our Team Every individual in our family has a right to a healthy life. Managed by professionals and with single mission of success for all, the head of the family has established the image of being supportive to each one.

Daffohils Laboratories Pvt Ltd has travelled this noble cause in to a successful mission by introducing specialized products. Our many brands have already made their mark in various therapeutic segment, with the introduction of latest Psychiatry range.

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Why we are the Top Pharma Company?

The product portfolio caters to wide range of Pharma Products Being a all range Top Pharma Franchise Company / Generic.






Seven International Countries



We offer Wide Range of Products

Daffohils group is dedicated to bringing advanced and sophisticated medication selected from a wide range of dosage formulations to therapeutics segments. We deal in over WHO - GMP, GLP & ISO approved 250+ products list with optimal solutions to customer requirements.

Our 100% Quality Assurance and certifications

The state of the art manufacturing is licensed with WHO - GMP, GLP & ISO certifications. Along with this, our production place has the following amenities:

We have vast and spacious warehouse in excise free zones to do the other activities of the manufacturing of the drugs

Quality control Lab and Analytical testing along with R&D manufacturing facilities

State licenses (Manufacturing and Wholesale)


Top Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in Dehradun

India is a geographically diverse country with intense climatic conditions which makes Manufacturing a critical component. India's drug markets are developing rapidly as the buyer base is becoming more extravagant and can pay for greater treatment. Furthermore, more private medical clinics that can give progressed medical care are being built, nevertheless, finding an appropriate pharmaceutical merchant in India can be troublesome because of the country's unique business and social culture.

We are inspired to connect with others and provide Manufacturing rights along with marketing support. Integrity, respect, collaboration, excellence, leadership, and, innovation are the core values of the company.

We create a robust bond with stakeholders because as one of the best pharma companies we encourage diversity among clients and employees. Our team of professionals who are qualified and skilled, ensure our manufactured products- tablets, capsules, syrups, injections, ayurvedic products, and, derma products are completely safe for the consumers

Our Infrastructure



Pharma Company In Dehradun

Pharma Company

The state Uttarakhand is known for its natural resources and for its manpower.

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How to start pharma company in India

pharma company

Starting a pharmaceutical company in India needs licenses and approvals from various different bodies.

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Third Party Manufacturing in India

DaffohilsLaboratories has developed a one-stop medicine range solution for quality and are responsible for a timely delivery and excellent leak-free and breakage-free product facility for large medical segments.

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